​​​Llano County Master Gardener Association

Gail Johnson was a much-loved Llano County Master Gardener. Her smile and laughter brightened our hearts. Gail's contribution was immeasurable. She is dearly missed. This scholarship is to honor Gail as the great friend and gardener that she was.

The Gail Johnson Memorial Scholarship

Llano County Master Gardener scholarship is open to all Llano County high school seniors. Preference is given to those entering the fields of plant horticulture, botany, or landscape architecture, or students who have experience or interest in home gardening.

 This Master Gardener scholarship is funded through private donations and from the twice-yearly Native Plant Sale. The amount awarded is most often between $500 to $1000, depending upon the success of our fundraising efforts. The scholarships are awarded each spring at the Llano High School Scholarship Program. You are welcome to attend.

 For more information and an application, contact the counseling department at Llano High School.